Our Story:

10 years for a single plant.The strains originated from decades old Santa Cruz native legacy growers who joined forces with the visionary founder and grower, Matthew “Rocky” Rockwell. In the early 2000’s, Rocky prophesied “Lemon Tree” as a trifecta experience by intertwining its name, flavor and aroma with organic traditional disciplines and leveraging innovative engineering. The result: some of the most complex and desirable terpene profiles on the market. The Lemon Tree brand is an icon of quality California cannabis which has expanded into no less than eighteen unique and remarkable proprietary strains.

Fusion of Art + Food + Culture

Having a zest for food, music, art and culture, Rocky saw an opportunity to work with local iconic artist Jimbo Phillips who brought eye-popping vibrance to the brand through creative artistic depictions of the community, culture, and lifestyle intertwining them into graphical masterpieces. These elements meshed seamlessly with their individual passions making Lemon Tree an industry staple with quality consumable delectables, ingestible products, apparel and ancillary merchandise to support.

Our Values – Respecting the earth

Socially conscious and responsibly grown, Lemon Tree adheres to stringent self-imposed guidelines—avoiding the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides and ensuring top-shelf quality at a value. Today, Lemon Tree boasts its naturally inspired high quality strains while staying true to its “all natural” lifestyle by delivering the highest quality smoke to its connoisseurs—one puff at a time.